Call center volume reduction

At a time of unprecedented scrutiny of business budgets and departmental performance a company's call center operations are frequently the target of increased pressure to perform more with less. There is usually an emphasis on customer impact to these decisions and analyses. But the simple fact is that with 65% to 85% of a typical call center's total costs dedicated to salaries and benefits, reducing the in-bound volume of calls can have a major impact.

E-mail can be used to communicate proactively with customers about popular call center topics. Customers can be directed to self-help content on your Web site.

One extremely effective technique is to welcome new customers with an e-mail message at approximately the time their first statement or bill arrives. The e-mail contains an image of a statement or bill and explains how to read and understand it. A like to an interactive version on the Web site with even more detail can really reduce the volume of in-bound calls while empowering customers with a good experience with your brand.

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