Campaign tools & management

If you haven't noticed so far, we're focused on assisting our clients getting the jump on competition through strategic marketing yielding award-winning online marketing programs. In addition to developing Web sites, we execute and measure e-mail and viral marketing campaigns. We do it as a matter of course because it's what we do.

Online direct marketing allows you, the marketer, to leverage the use of e-mail and the Web to capture, analyze and track the behavior patterns of subscribers. That's different than offline marketing, which focuses solely on demographic and geographic segmentation. Marketing success means managing customer relationships and impressions. That requires access to the tools that allow you to move at a rapid pace with agility and decision. We're not saying planning isn't everything but real-time reporting and monitoring tools inform you of user response you didn't plan on and the success you did.

Jack Be Nimble provides a comprehensive suite of reporting tools bundled around an email deployment solution that enables clients to evaluate, not only their email campaigns, but also their email marketing strategies and ROI. You to make campaign adjustments on-the-fly during delivery and refine your messages post campaign based on response.

For viral marketing campaigns, you will have access to verbatim reports encapsulating customer comments extracted from send-to-a-friend messages. This tool allows marketers to gain extremely valuable information regarding product quality, features and packaging; information traditionally gathered during focus groups.

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