E-mail list & data cleansing and management

It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.Email Hygiene

You already know that your customer base is the most valuable asset in your company. Caring for the e-mail names and direct mail addresses of your customers is a thankless task that often goes unnoticed, or worse, undone. But maintaining contact with your customers and observing their wishes to withdraw from being contacted is vital to your long-term sales.

  • E-mail list &data cleansing
  • E-mail list management

E-mail list & data cleansing

Jack Be Nimble brings you over 20 years of experience in both the direct mail and e-mail industries. We've developed processes to clean up some of the dirtiest lists in the world - you know - those lists that come from old mainframe computers and dyslexic data entry staff. Your lists will be transformed into lists that are understandable and useful.

E-mail list cleansing

Most agencies run your e-mail list through a filter and check to see if the addresses "look right." If they don't, they throw them out as invalid addresses. Jack Be Nimble goes several steps further. Using our proprietary technology and constantly updated reference databases, our e-mail list hygiene process can clean and correct the majority of invalid e-mail addresses in your lists.

We search out and correct errors such as:

  • Address Typos: "jack@hotmoil.com" or "jack@yahooo.com"
  • Formatting Problems: "jack @ msn.com" or "_jack@_juno.org"
  • Domain Errors: "jack@aol.comm" or "jack@aol.cmo" or "jack@co"
  • Dead Domains: "jack@home.com" or "jack@mediaone.com"
  • Bogus E-mails: "none@athistime.com" or "dropdead@aol.com"

But we go one step further than other agencies. We actually dive into your list and physically review the results. One thing that we've learned is that although computers are fast, they're just not as intuitive as people. We can gain that extra percentage of corrections just by using commonsense and some plain old hard work.

The benefits of regular list cleansing can be enormous. One client saw an increase in e-mailable addresses of 165%. Your mileage may vary, but results in the 30% to 70% range are not uncommon.

Address list cleansing

Just as important as e-mail list hygiene, and perhaps more important, is street address list cleansing. If you are doing any kind of direct mail communications, you can't afford not to spruce up your mailing list. With paper and postage costs what they are today and marketing budgets getting that much more accountable, you really need to squeeze the savings out of every mailing you do.

Jack Be Nimble can process your mailing lists to conform to the US Post Office standard using some of the most sophisticated software around. We match your list against the post office's list of all addresses in the US and standardize and correct your list to meet the requirements for postal discounts. We do this using a combination of leading market software, such as PostalSoft and DataEase and a set of truly effective proprietary routines that we have developed over the past 20 years.

The benefits can be blessings to your budget. We saved one of our clients 9.5 cents per piece on First-Class mailers. For a Standard-Class mailer, the savings were 5.0 cents per piece.

E-mail list maintenance

To be one of the "good guys" doing e-mail, you have to give the recipients of the e-mail an easy way to change their relationship with you. Sometimes they choose not to receive e-mail anymore. Sometimes they just need to change their address.

In either event, ignoring their requests (or worse yet, not giving them an opportunity to connect with you) is a recipe for disaster. Those are the traits of the spammers - the guys who wear the "black hats."

Jack Be Nimble is adept at managing your Opt-In and Opt-Out functions. We take care of maintaining and updating your list for you so that your customers and prospects have a good experience with your brand.

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