E-mail newsletters & alerts

E-mail newsletters are an excellent form of structured communication to send to your clients. You can include helpful tips and "how-to" articles that provide real value to your target audience. They're also the single best way to drive traffic to your company's Web site.

Unlike a paper-based newsletter, your electronic communications should not be sent on a regular schedule.
By avoiding sending out e-mail on a monthly basis you help to keep your company unexpectedly top of mind instead of predictable. Your goal is to provide your audience with "free" information that helps them with their day-to-day business needs - a great way to build your company's reputation as an industry expert, focused on solving THEIR problems, not just trying to sell them something.

Consider providing one-paragraph introductions or "teaser" copy for each topic, along with links to the pages within your Web site where recipients can click through to read the full story, if they're interested.

For best results, the content of your e-mail newsletter should be chatty and helpful - and definitely avoid the hard sell. If you can offer your targeted audience something of value time after time, you and your company will become a trusted resource. When you have a special sale or promotion, you can then use your e-newsletter as a powerful vehicle to let your best customers and prospects know about it.

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