Product launch

So, you are about to launch a new product or service. You want to get it rapidly out into the market.

But let's face it, launching a new product or service is very different from normal day-to-day business operations. Successfully introducing a new product requires an unusual combination of entrepreneurial flair and marketing skills coupled with the analytical approach of a planner.

You need satisfied buyers you can use to promote the product's adoption to a wider audience.

E-mail is a highly effective tactic for reaching targeted markets. It is the fastest, most efficient form of communication ever invented. It provides groundbreaking ability to access markets, with precision targeting, in astonishing time. Temporary Web sites (micro-sites) are often deployed for product launch campaigns to dramatically increase the number of people who take action.

Jack Be Nimble has extensive experience with product introductions. We typically see e-mail open rates and click-through rates in excess of 50%. Additionally, when paired with a sweepstakes or other viral marketing component, results can be just spectacular. The lift from a viral add-on can range from 15% to over 40%.

We also integrate banner ad placement and other interactive media for product launches. It's all about a coordinated effort to reach your target market -- and you ignore communications channels at your peril.

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