Trade show follow up trade shows

Trade shows suck the life out of sales people. Sales People man the booth all day searching for those two or three good contacts, while dozens of potential clients throw their cards in the fishbowl or scan their badge in the reader to register for the prize. Everyone has good intentions to work the leads after the event, but those leads almost always go untouched - a diskette or a printout in someone's drawer.

Jack Be Nimble has developed a high-powered way to jump-start your trade show efforts. We send out a pre-show e-mail message to attendees inviting them to your booth and teasing them with some of the announcements you will be making. We then follow that up with a post-show e-mail message with an interesting offer.

Here is where the magic happens!

We can track exactly who opens the e-mail messages and when they open them!

We have a Sales Manager's Report that your sales reps can access via an Internet browser that will them:

  • which prospects and customers opened the e-mail message
  • which clicked through to your Web site
  • which asked for the offer.

    You'll know exactly when your prospects and customers performed each of these activities.

That makes it very easy to follow up with your prospects and clients, and much easier than with direct mail, where you call and hope the mail was received and even opened. Below is a sample of this powerful report.

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