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What makes a Web site successful? Sure, it is important to have a great design. But it is even more important to provide a great experience that makes your customer's life a little easier. In order to build this experience, we put your customers at the center of your online offering while, at the same time, making it easy for them to accomplish what you want them to do.

Great Web sites are designed at the intersection of what customers are trying to accomplish, what you want them to do and your overall brand message. Based on understanding and analyzing these three factors, the right technologies can be selected and implemented.

After the strategy and technology implementation are determined, it's time for development. Web site development starts with a solid plan that delineates the objective of the site. We don't leap into anything without knowing the plan - the project requirements are the cornerstone of good communication between all parties. This documentation is the outline that allows you to shape the project before you see the final product. It also ensures your expectations are met and we keep our promises.

Web site "proofs" are developed prior to final development as a final step in the pre-approval process. Then we develop the site and launch other scheduled services on the developmental time line, such as search engine registration, product launch, banner advertising, etc.

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